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we all have that one scar, that one special scar that you always look at and remember the story behind it. (This post contains potentially disturbing situation that may be harmful to some readers.)

For me, I have many scars, all over my body, down my arms, up my stomach, down my legs, on my feet, on my face, on my wrists, on my fingers, on my palms, on my neck, on my back, and on my butt. I have them everywhere.. And every single one of them as a story behind it.

The ones down my arms are from myself, I used to cut over and over and over in the same place so that it would get deep, I love watching my blood drip down my arm and fall onto the floor. My stomach has multiple from moms previous boyfriends. The ones on my legs are from myself, and from all the falling i did as a kid, on my feet is from all the walking on sand and from falling off a roof, and then another of purposely jumping off a roof into a thorn bush, I was trying to break a bone, and i could remember how it felt to this day.. On my face are the scars from my mothers ciggerettes, she loved to put them out on me, on my wrists are from the previous suicide attempts. On my fingers are from that stupid game where you get a knife and play that finger game, my palms are from when my mom put my hands in the fire, and from when i sliced open my hand, and when i put it on the hot stove like a dumbass(i was like 5 or 6) the ones on my neck are from when i used to get choked and strangled from my Dad, and he used to cut a little chunk out everytime, "Just to see how many times you will live Nene." The ones on my back is from when my uncle grabbed a cactus and whipped my back with it. The ones on my butt are from moms previous boyfriends..

I used to look in the mirror and look at them and just stare and glide my finger across them.. They were so beautiful looking, I told myself. And people wonder why i barely ever everr show my body.. I mean come on, if you saw a stranger walking out in a bikini with many scars on her body wtf would u think? "Oh that poor girl." ? "Eww whats wrong with her.." ? I mean come on people are so negative when it comes to peoples bodies, and dont even get me started on how its even worse for a woman..

But i always dress myself up in my room show some skin, dance, try to feel normal in my skin, so that one day i can finally embrace that i have these scars, and not only are they beautiful but they are something that i shouldnt feel bad about-,-