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Im always quiet in school. I've always been. Some people (most people) stay as far away from me. But a loud girl in my class that does speak to me from time to time told me yesterday that I always sound depressed and Today that I look dead inside. I didn't say anything back. I always have my earphones on to block out the noise of others. I never put my hand up and have two friends that don't even know my second name and never want to spend time with me. Then there's this other girl. She's like the opposite of me. We get along. She is honest and nice. But we don't spend lunches together coz im always reading a book. I had a lot of tests last week and i studied a lot but i always stress on tests so im not sure my results will be good. I never have time. Im either studying, exerciseing (to keep skinny and hide insecurities) or reading till 3am. Can someone relate?

Any advice on how to make my life easier (please)?

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