School Hurts

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I'm not being dramatic like everyone thinks. I'm getting worse because of it, my spasms and twitches are getting really bad. I'm not allowed to have medication for it since I've had my whole life. My family thinks my spazzes are no big deal, but I feel so many feelings in one single twitch. And when I twitch on camera, I feel so judged, and it makes my heart race. It's like I could vomit but instead it's my hand shaking in the air for no reason whatsoever.

It feels weird and I have to deal with people treating me like some 'freak' because of it. I think my friends dislike me because of it too.

(I'm just having a rough patch, so I wouldn't take this seriously. It like a vent, it shouldn't be that impacting so if you could offer me some help. It'd be greatly appreciated and hopefully lady luck would be on your side.)