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school sucks.

so i’m in middle school and i got diagnosed with depression i knew the cause of it was because of school and also how stressful it was. everyday especially now felt like hell, i was unmotivated to do anything and i’d break down beating myself up over it everyday. i have strict parents too that value grades over my mental health. my own doctor diagnosed me with depression and they’ll keep telling me “you don’t have depression, you’re just moody.” i feel like i don’t even learn anything in school. it’s all just about passing and worrying about your future. i’m still just a kid and i wanna enjoy as much time as i have left, not worrying about what i’ll be doing in over 10 years. school is just weighing me down and all my problems seem to grow even more. i know a lot of people say “stay in school, get good grades, it’ll all be worth it in the end.” yeah i know, i really wish i could, but not when i’m constantly being pressured to get good grades and then shamed when i don’t. there were so many times i contemplated death just because i felt so much anger and stress from school that i thought i’d feel better if i just ended it. i tried talking it out with so many people but i feel like i’m just weighing them down since they’re struggling with school work as well. sorry if this came out edgy or something, everything has just been so shitty lately.