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Schools in general

I can’t understand how people decided to start a school 

Learning nonsense about stuff when you ain’t even thinking bout a career in that field

Train us to make decisions and teach us life skills

And how to do taxes 

For instance

-What’s an entrepreneur doing in chem class.

-What’s an artist doing in math class

-What’s a poet doing in physics class

-What’s a techie doing in biology

 Most of us include me make errors in our papers cause we are worried how they’ll feel  judged by other kids.

And what’s the actual points of memorising dates and events and the multiples of 8 we have storage devices and calculators and  people worked hard in the olden times to make these stuff you we can lead an easier life 

And Google is a click away

It can literally even toss a damn coin for you 

And what if they become way successful that the ones who just swallowed up the entire textbook and then puked everything on the damn paper