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Seamus thank you very much saying what u have just said. I am honestly very surprised that a man like u exists I just absolutely hate men but seeing that a male is like this really surprises me and overwhelms me . When you are single do you use porn to get off or do u get off in general? I am sorry for asking something so personal but just hearing these words from a male just truly surprises me I cant honestly describe it with words. I hope u find someone who has the same thoughts as u and please don't ever use porn or look at any other females sexually even if you re single obviously it's up to you but it's a request even though it dosent mean much since I'm practically a stranger but please just stay pure . I am truly happy to see that there is atleast one person who understands me or is even similar to me . Thank you very much . I don't know if I will be able to get over this. He has scarred me in ways I can't explain . Just seeing the word porn causes emotional outbreaks I cry I loose control. Seeing pretty females makes me jealous . I have big boobs and that's why I was famous in class that may have been the reaeon why he started dating me . He lied to me saying things like he sees a future with me and he wants babies all that typical guy bullshit but I genuinely saw a future with him and I truly wanted babies and all that . He dosent respect me at all a while back I asked him to call me and he asked me wait because he was talking to someone else. He is one of those men who look very manly but always wants to be treated like a woman . I am the man In the relationship whereas he is the woman . I can't leave him . I love him and I want him but that just isn't the way for him . I destroyed every gift he gave me because I found him checking out girls again and I wanted to break up obviously I did but part of me always just makes excuses to stay I'm honestly just going crazy . Anyways because I ruined the paintings he's breaking up with me and he's been treating me way worse than usual because he's going to break up after we meet once. I'm meeting him tomorrow .