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theres this guy i liked since last year. i met him in school, we're new classmates. in a day, we often make accidental eye contacts. like, whenever i look where he sits in class, it's either he's looking at me or he just glanced at me because i am looking at him. we never talked tho. we just stayed liked that for almost a month. and then i realized, whenever i dont see him where he sits, i'd find him in the room and whenever i see him, okay, i found him and i'll be back to what am i doing. im concious whenever he's around. he's handsome. he's smart. he can sing and play the guitar. and he's matured. and maybe, after couple of months, i just knew i like him. we randomly talked. random converstions. random meetings. but the gazes are still there. it never stopped. and when i was about to tell my friend that i like him, i saw his chat on her messenger. i thought it was just a coincidence but hell, they chat almost everyday. i then asked my friend what's with the two of them. she said he likes her and they are messaging each other. i then kept my mouth shut about this feelings i have towards him. i thought it is going to fade after some time but it never did. it just grew and grew more deeper. they like each other now and his parents knows her now. until now, no one knows i like him except for myself. and i think no one will ever know this.

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Re: secret

You should tell him. Obviously he has feelings for you too and you shouldn’t give up something that makes you happy for some one else’s happiness. Learn how to choose YOU first. I hope you figure out what’s best for you though. Nobody can tell you what you need to do but yourself. Just something to think about.. or done someone new and better.