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Self harm

I've started cutting myself. It only something that started recently Sometimes I just think about it. It usually happens when Im just so angry or I just feel nothing.

There's a scar on my wrist. I'm scared it's gonna be permanent. No one know about it, but I don't want to see it everyday and know what I did.

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The feeling of being empty won't be there forever and even though no ones noticed yet or might never notice, you are the only person in this world that needs you the most. So run into an empty field and dance or scream under water or cry in the show or silently in your bed do whatever you feel that you have to do but know that you are on this planet for a fucking reason. That feeling, that tightness in your chest or the void of days going by and you feeling nothing are the worst feelings but they shape you. Forgive yourself.

P.S. vitamin E oil fades cars :))