Self hurt

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Feeling lost in a world of my own

A world between reality and some 

Sort of fantasy/imaginary 

It can be great at times 

And others not so much

Seeing things that are not there 

While being completely conscious

Hearing voices that are not there

Hearing things from people who 

Haven’t said a word

Filling my body with alcohol and drugs

In order to feel sane

Placing a blade of sorts to 

Snap back to reality 

The stinging if a cut to know 

I’m still alive

The depth of the cut

To know how far I have gone

The sight and smell of the blood 

Exciting yet disappointing 

To know I do this to myself 

So that I may still realize 

I am not dead yet

Burning myself to enjoy the smell 

Of burnt flesh

Placing a part of my body 

Onto a hot surface 

Or boiling oil just to see 

How long I can before I feel the pain

To feel the sensation of being alive