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self perception

i didnt start perceiving my looks till 7th grade like i have no memory or ever looking in a mirror or at my hands or body or anything as a child until like two years ago all the memories i see myself in no matter how young i was i always look like 7th grade me even current ones when i think me i always think 7th grade no matter what time period in my life im trying to think of the only difference is in my childhood memories im 7th grade me but shorter i only have pictures to know what young me looks like if i try to really see young or current me i have to think of a picture otherwise its just 7th grade me???? idk y but its confusing its like my vision of myself is stuck im now a freshman yet i can still only see younger me anyone know why this could be?

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Re: self perception

someone please respond to my original i need to know if this is a symptom of some mental illness or something or if im okay and just blowing this out of the water and if it is a symptom to something what are other symptoms relating to it? is this important enough for me to get it looked into? im just concerned