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I'm being very selfish. I am well aware of that. I am aware that being kind to other people just to feel good about yourself, isn't a very acceptable thing.

I am unable to help myself.

I am unable to give myself happiness; 

To give myself advise on how to live a better life.

So I do that to others. I do it so that I can know that I at least did something with my life. Even if it was just telling someone that their hair looks nice or telling someone that they are loved. 

And as much as it might hurt me to help them. Atleast I did something.

I am well aware that I am unable to give every person in this world unending happiness but I promise to give as much happiness as I am possibly able to. No matter how much I might get hurt by doing so.

I want to be strong enough to give, until I've given the very last piece of myself.

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