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Selfish Love

Often we talk on social medias speaking of the things that wouldn't make us look bad. But here, yeah, im a prick, leaving my girlfriend just because I don't love her anymore. Almost 3 years together, i was hoping to grow my love towards her but it end up being me faking it just because i don't want her to get hurt. I hate myself because she didn't do anything wrong. She's perfect but not to me.

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Re: Selfish Love

I have never been in that position but somehow I feel you.. You know her worth, you know she deserves better than what you could give her.. She deserves true love. Please do not lie to her anymore. Don't hurt her way more by telling her that you lied for so long. Be vocal about it, tell her what's up and what you think. Time heals everything, and things will get better. My support to you. <3