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Selfish today

I know that it’s selfish for me to think today sucked just because of some annoying things that happened but this is probably better than crying when I’m alone. Today started out great until the evening, I worked on math stuff for 3 hours straight, my printer stopped working and I had to fix it. I had to listen to my mom hoard stuff online with the little money we have, I worked out until my legs hurt. Then I had to accompany my mom to her mom’s house because she’s to lazy to visit her own mother. Then I got home to deal with my big sister’s bullshit attitude. She is literally always in bad mood, I don’t even speak to her, she literally spends all day cooped in her room talking with her BF and friends. My mom said it’s to hot in her room to sleep there so my sister suggested she sleep in my room because she doesn’t her to be in hers. My dad didn’t give two shits about it like usual, so now she’s in my room. I wanted to end today refreshed, relaxed, maybe draw, and go to sleep but today all my hard work was for nothing. I put up with my family’s bull shit every day and I can never get time to myself and when I do it’s just to do schoolwork. My mom even calls me the mom of our house. Sometimes I just wanna breakdown and cry but I suck it up every fucking day because no one else will. I know it’s not fair to think that way though. Thanks for reading