Sex karti ho kya?

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This morning I got a call from a number that was marked as "Fraud Pe" on truecaller. 070443 71351 Was the number.

The guy started asking me if I have installed Phone Pe app. I said yes. He said there is an offer of 1245 Rs which I have not activated yet.

Hearing this I said to him, "How can you do such frauds during this Pandemic when everyone is already suffering?"

He said "sex karti ho? "

I was shocked and said "What"?

He again asked "sex karti ho? "

There was not a hint of fear in his voice, and he was not afraid.

Hearing his words, I cut the call and blocked him.

I guess this question is a way of scaring away innocent girls.

I feel harassed and vulnerable. Not sure how to react or feel.