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Sex roleplay

I'm 12 and have joined a sex roleplay group. Its filled with adults, some i get along with. Ive recently roleplayed with the owner, n they think im 19. Ive sent 2 pictures of my face, and idk if i should leave. I feel guilty and dirty, because no 12 year old should do this. Must i leave the group? I feel rly guilty n don't know what to do..

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Re: Sex roleplay

Your playing a dangerous game kid. I was a victim younger than you.

Keep going down that road & things like rape are waiting on you. Maybe death.

In addition. You could get the adults arrested. I’m related to cops. Some cops spend a lot of time trying to track down sickos. But there’s so many it’s just a drop in the well.

This means it’s up to you to protect yourself.

You want advice? Stop. Wait till your 18. I’m old & ive still never watched a porno or got into freaky stuff.

Jesus. You’re putting all those people in danger. What are you getting out of it...? Just attention? You’re too young to even cum. Wait until high school, and then start experimenting with guys your age.