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Sex without emotions???

I met this guy. We were FWB for more then 6 months. Before we started this thing he made me clear he is emotionless.I didn't want him to my boyfriend or something neither wanted a relationship with him but I just wanted to talk openly with with him without passing any judgements on each other. I just wanted to happy in the moment we spent together without any expectations.

But turned out he was judging me all that time and what ever I said to him. And he started taunting and commenting on me indirectly. Slowly he made me feel low and unwanted person. I wanted to have a discussion about what's going on and wanted to end this FWB with him. And then he said there was nothing to end in it. He acted like cold and emotionless person who didn't give a shit what I wanted to say to him.

So, m at the situation where I think may be all guys are emotionless! And since it was my first FWB thing now I feel like FWB is not good at all! It's not ment for women like me I guess!

We are humans we supposed to have emotions!

I don't know can someone be emotionless?

(I feel sorry for him though that trying so hard to be tough ass )

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Re: Sex without emotions???

People who don't experience emotions are sociopaths and narcissists. He sounds like a Grade A narcissist. Besides the point, I mean he told you from the start that he would be emotionless so you did have higher expecations. Going to correct you and say "some people" are emotionless (or they just bury it deep), not just guys and not all of them. One thing I will say is that FWB can sometimes be a good thing but the problem is it has become a bit of a misnomer for some people. I mean in the way that the friends part is non existent and sex is the only thing going on.