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Sexual assault

The thing about sexual assault is that you never think it’s going to be any one you know. You think it’s going to be the creepy guy in the corner of a bar, or down a creepy ally way. So you watch out for “those” people.

Who would ever think it would be someone you love, a friend. A best friend. No one ever thinks to warn a 9 year old about there best friend. Why should they have to, the child is 9 years old?

Why should you warn a 9 year about going into the woods with there best friend?

Why should you want a 9 year old to look out for rapists?

Why didn’t I know about rapists?

why should I have to know?

Why did my mum let me go into the woods?

He was 16, why didn’t he know better?

“I’m scared - why should you be, I’m your best friend”

“I can’t breathe, get off me” - why what are you going to do?

Hands pinned, his breath, the wight on my chest.

“Don’t tell anyone, if you do I will do the same to your younger sister”

“Don’t tell anyone because you made me do it”

“Don’t tell anyone because what do you think your mum would say if she found out you are a whore”

I can’t sleep, telling myself that I will forget about all of this by tomorrow.

He isn’t here and I can’t breathe, I can’t pick up my arms. I can feel his breath on my neck and his sweaty hands on my wrists. Bruises on my hands and knees.

Mum asks if I have started my period, I don’t know? Have I? Am I pregnant? Why am I bleeding? AM I BROKEN?

I fell mum, off my bike. The blood is from my knees.

We shouldn’t have to warn 9 year olds about sexual assault! We shouldn’t have to worry about a child getting sexually assaulted by there family, friends, mum, dad, brother, sister!! We should r have to warn children. We should be feeling the that it’s isn’t okay to do that to their people!!

why put a plaster on a bruise when you could have stopped the kid from falling in the first place.

why tell people to protect themselves, when we should be telling people not to rape!!

this is my story

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Re: Sexual assault

I am so sorry that this happend to you. No child should go through so much trauma. I know it's hard i was rapped a few months ago by a friend he was 17 and i was 15. I get that feeling where I can't sleep or breath. Just try to stay strong and try to talk to someone I haven't but it really isn't your fault what happend to you. Don't be ashamed it's not your fault it's his.

Stay strong❤️

I came here to talk about my own experience of sexual assault, just to tell someone anonymously. I am overwhelmed by how many woman came here for the same reason. Or to ask if what happened to them was rape or not. Or to say how guilty they feel.

Although it breaks my heart, I'm glad we've at least found eachother. To all of you, I am teribly sorry for what has happened to you. You are incredibly strong for just writting it up here. The OP is right, no child, no woman, no man should be warned about rape, we shouldn't have to. The rapists should be warned to act human, to learn consent and basic respect.

Sending all my love and good thoughts to you. We will heal 💕

(I will get back here constantly, in case someone needs to talk about it, I will try to reply)

Please add me on my snapchat, just please, if you need to talk to someone I’m here. Like anytime just please don’t suffer alone ❤️❤️ Sexual assault is horrible and I’m here for anyone who needs help, we can get through this together. Staying strong is hard by yourself. It’s so risky give people my name but i now realise it isn’t something we should be ashamed of xx


I really do need help. I don't know how to act like myself anymore everyday gets worse and I feel like I have lost myself. Everything is so fucked up. Life is. I just want everything to be okay again I just want to be happy again. I feel like I'm doing this to myself, making myself so sad and miserable.

To who ever replied to this, I’m sorry that you have no one to talk To. We can both get through this together. People are shit and I think that is something you come to terms with. But doesn’t me that it is okay to treat a person like that. I’m so sorry that that happened to you. I’m 18 and have now get teen better at dealing with things. If you need any help please reply again on here. I will help as much as I can xx

Stay strong xx