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sexual assault ?

I randomly found this website idk why I’m writing this but I haven’t spoken on something that has been hurting me for a few years deeply. There’s this dude I was super cool with, who I’ve known since I was a kid, and I always looked at him like an older cousin to me because of the fact, and we got cool again a few years back. He happens to be a gay man, and I am straight. Keep in mind, I looked at this person like family so that didn’t cross my mind as an issue ever. I never thought boundaries was something I need to think about because well, family wouldn’t violate eachother and besides, it’s common sense to not try something with someone who isnt attracted to you or men. We took acid and smoked, and watched a movie. Nothing out of the normal at all, 2 bro’s chilling. Maybe I could have been less open minded and kept an eye open Incase any weird shit. But when I was at my peak I was super dizzy and nauseous. I said “ bro I’m going to lay back because I feel sick “ so I did and then I went into this trance like sleep because the acid, and I woke up idk how many minutes after to the dude touching my private area on my pants and I felt stuck like 20 seconds then when I didn’t feel stuck I jumped up and said “ bro what the fuck are you doing “ and got up called a ride and left. I never spoke to that person or anyone about it. I struggle with how to feel about what happened, I feel and felt violated like I’ve never felt in my life and I feel weak because I didn’t hit the dude or something. If I wasn’t on acid that wouldn’t of happened because 1) he would know better than to try that shit with me, and 2) I’d be able to react before he would’ve made the move touch on me like that. I wish I could go back and beat the life out of him. I don’t know how to feel about it at this point, I just feel like I’m less of a


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Re: sexual assault ?

This is sexual assault, dude.

I am so sorry this has to happened to you and to other people.

What happened to you wasn't your fault.

I currently think that I may be a bisexual guy.

I think I have an attraction to boys and girls and other genders.

BUT being gay DOES NOT permit to take advantage over other men.

An attraction should lead to love and respect and trust

like in a loving family and relationship..

What happened to you..

Nobody should blame you for that.

You and probably your other family too trusted this man.

However he betrayed you by making a pass at you.

What happened is his fault, not yours.

It is scary and uncomfortable what you went through.

But I certainly believe you are not lesser of a man.

Because, unfortunately, all genders can be victims of sexual assault.

What happened to you was because of him.

It's scary indeed to trust anyone when these things happen

But I want to be someone to help us get through these.

I certainly believe you are not lesser of a man.

I'm sending affirmation to you, dude. You are a man.

*virtual hugs*

#StopVictimBlaming #MeToo

Maybe you should open this up to friends and family that you really trust.

Another soul to share this is a sentiment to go through this.

And maybe you should confront your assaulter at the proper time.

When you're ready.

Wish all the best to ya!