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Sexual Harrasment

Im married for almost a year now. Got along with all my in laws but it took turn for the worst recently. Even before I was married I knew about my husband's youngest brother. From my in laws story,at some point he had cause major heartaches. It didn't bother me till I got to experienced them myself.

My 11th and 10th year old cousins confessed to me that my brother in law sent pictures and videos of him masturbating and having sex with women. They showed me what they had seen in the videos. That killed me enough to see how graphic it was. To make matters worst,their mother and two of my cousin's friends saw what he sent to them. He sent them all those disgusting stuff in a course of 5 months which the remaining 3months was when I was there living under the same roof. My 11th year old niece even said that he ask her not to tell his parents,me or my husband about it. He stopped once he had a girlfriend.

I knew that he took drugs and being a player was his thing but to harass an underage and a child from my family? Even though I was not the victim but the effect was devastating. I had mental breakdowns for 3 months, its even worse my both my cousins.They learnt to hate him, they said to never let him go near them ever again.

I told my parents and in laws about it. I was going to do a police report back then but my parents wouldn't let me because there's no evidence(since my cousins deleted it) and to avoid embarrassment to both families. I felt like I could kill somebody at that point.

It was the worst thing that had happened,knowing that he had ruined my cousin's life and I can't do anything about it.

I cried many times, I went into depression but my husband acted as if its was just another stupid mistake his brother make. I pray to forgive but honestly it scarred me and my cousins.

I dont know if I can ever speak or look at him like I used to.It was hard and I had nobody to turn to about how I feel. My husband and the others thought that I am okay but honestly it broke me to the core. I'm a considered a "silent witness" to the sexual harrasment my cousins had been through.