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Sexual relations w/ family

I really need to get this off my chest, cuz this is all I can think about. And I know this is very unhealthy... please don’t judge, but my brother and I have a relationship that is more than family. He is 17 about to be 18 and I’m still a minor. But sometimes he makes me uncomfortable. Like touching me my b**bs. I’m just kinda insecure about that specific spot. I have gotten used to this because its been going on for a while but as I am getting older I think I’m starting to develop feelings. And I say to myself that this sexual relationship needs to stop and I need to tell him before he is 18 but for some reason I just can’t.. Nobody knows and I mean no one. We have Never actually done anything, but we’ve gotten pretty close. AND THE WORST PART IS HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND!! :((. He is sometimes over there till 4:30 in the morning and just makes me think.. does he even really like me. Am I just a toy to him?? I really just need some one to talk to or some advice.

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Re: Sexual relations w/ family

Hi, It is okay to grow feelings about you family members when you are young. When children are asked who will they marry, they generally say one of the parent or a very close loving family member. This usually starts when the child does not understand sexual feelings and can't differentiate between the two kinds of affections. But it is the adult who sees the confusion and starts to keep some distance. They starts to express their affection without too much physical contact.

In your case, I assume you both were young and thus neither could step back. But that's okay. I would not advise you to talk to your brother about this, as that can scar your relationship with him forever. (assuming you want to preserve it). What you can do is start to back out when he gets too close. Your body language can give stronger signals then your words.

If he shows aggression then you should let him know straight up and maybe involve your mother to help you. Mothers can get subtle signals if you try. So without putting it in words also you may be able to get the message across to her that your brother makes you uncomfortable.