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Sexual satisfaction needed without cheating

I was sexually very active before marriage and I have been with several well endowed men (long term and casual relationships). Now I am married since 2 years to a man who has a small penis and after trying various positions my husband does not satisfy me sexually. Six months into my marriage I started sexting with three of my old sexual partners and getting some satisfaction masturbating.

i feel I am cheating on my husband especially because 2 of my sexting partners visit us often, but I cannot stop the sexting because I need the sexual satisfaction also. Please help me

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Re: Sexual satisfaction needed without cheating

I think we will never know what can be the solution for this. I have the same problem except I have never cheated with another woman. I kind of flirt with other woman but in a most healthy manner. My wife doesn't even kiss me properly. All she does is a blowjob , which is doing only because of me, but I don't enjoy her blow job anymore . Sex for me is now like something I can't enjoy at the moment yet desire for it. I don't know if I ever will cheat on her. Hopefully not. But if sex is bothering you so much and you think your husband is a very good man and doesn't deserve to be cheated on. Just either stop cheating or divorce him for good.

You owe it to your husband to divorce him. You are being unfaithful, and you justify your behavior because your husband has a small penis.

How shallow are you, really?

You can go to the effort of looking up old sexual contacts to sext with, but you can't have an honest conversation with your husband about what you need to be sexually satisfied?

I consider myself lucky that I am married to a woman who communicates her sexual needs openly and honestly. Our bedroom has appropriate toys because we talked together about what would help her to achieve better orgasms, and we worked together on the solution. That's what a healthy married couple does.

What you're doing is digusting, immoral and unethical, and your husband deserves better than the way you are treating the marriage.

After all, how would you feel if you discovered that your husband enjoyed sexting other women more that he liked having sex with you? How would you feel if he went public with this idea that you've got a massively huge vagina and that havimg sex with you is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway? I bet you'd be upset and you'd feel betrayed. But you want people here to feel sorry for you.

Guess what? I don't feel sorry for you at all. I feel sorry for your husband. You are an awful human being. Your husband deserves better than you.

You should be ashamed of yourself. What you're doing is absolutely being unfaithful and your behavior disgraces your husband and your marriage.