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Sexually assaulted by my best friend.

I had this very close guy friend we always hung out and he was always at my house. He always made jokes about my body and slapping my ass or some shit I thought it was normal.

One night he slept at my house I was laying on a mattress on the floor and he was sleeping on the couch. I was just falling asleep when I felt something on my back when I realized it was my friends hands he was slowly moving his hands down my back to my ass,I didn't know what to do I was so scared and uncomfortable,i just turned on the other side but he thought I was asleep. He stopped and then he was playing with himself.

I was felt so awkward the next day and just went on like nothing happend I ignored him for two months. He finally went to my house and said sorry I forgave him but I shouldn't have about a month later my girl best friend and I got really drunk at his house we went to sleep in his bed and I didn't have clothes there so I slept in my underwear and one of his oversized t-shirts. I passed out but my friend was still awake she said the guy came in the room and pulled the blanket off of me and looked at my body and touched me on my ass ect. She said he also touched her and she is his cousin that's what was the messed up part. I don't know how to trust men anymore because a few months later I was rapped.

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Re: Sexually assaulted by my best friend.

Girl this has happened to me too exactly the same almost and I'm really sorry people are so corrupted to do things while we are asleep. I bet you felt your heart hurt so much and couldn't breath, you wanted to react but didn't know how.

But I suggest you don't ever go in places with your cousin and talk to his parents about his actions.

You never know if he will do that again, actuallt lemme rephrace that.

He will do that again, he has his eyes on you and he had already done this 2 times even after he apologized which means he didn't really mean it.