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Sexually Assaulted By My Cousin

When I was like 8 I went to my dads side of the family’s house for a sleepover. All my cousins and I slept in the living room with a bunch of mattresses laid on the floor. I couldn’t sleep and neither could my 17 year old male cousin. We were talking and then it went silent... next thing I know he was touching my breasts. I was numb... I didn’t really understand the severity of it then but all I knew is that I was uncomfortable so I took my pillow and slept on the opposite side of the mattress. Every time I see him I think of that malicious look he gave while touching me. I haven’t told anyone but I needed to let it out.

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Re: Sexually Assaulted By My Cousin

hey i understand how u feel...the cousin frm my mums side did the same thing to me....i was so disgusted by him...i was 12 that time and he was my age.....he tried to touch me down in my pants while i was sleeping....i then confronted him and asked him to stay away....but j was not able to tell anyone abt him coz it would cause huge uproar in the family... no after all these years i still cam not forgive him...i donno how to be with him in family functions and if i try maintain distance then mum would scold abt me not mingling with the family.....he scarred me so much that i mever had a true relationship with anyone...i am so scares to trust anyone coz if ur brother can do this to you then how can u believe anyone else!....

hey, firstly u r amazing. Even if u have not told anyone...just by even acknowledging what happened and letting it out is so so good. 8 is so young and having that sort of trauma from such a young age can be really hard. I hope u r doing well now tho. i just what u to know that i completely understand what u r going through as a similar situation happened to me when i was 10. He was only a year older and i woke up to him on me. Idk what he did before i woke up but it has always been a worry. I hate the fact i am not the only girl who has experienced this and others have had situations just like it. It is so hard to talk about and for u even writing it as anonymous is amazing<3