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Sexually Confined

My girlfriend caught me jacking off to gay porn, said nothing about it, but was clearly daunted.

I feel like this is a conversation that will turn into an argument we have already had multiple times and I just don't feel like I'm capable of handling it anymore.

She knows I am non-binary and sexually motivated, and I know that she is not. I think we both have tried to ignore the elephant in the room that I want to be sexually active and she doesn't.

I'm a huge flirt, it's not just a means to a sexual end but just part of how I interact with people and it makes me feel good to flirt and boost other people's egos as well as my own.

Neither of us feels comfortable with poly relationships.

I love her but I'm not happy in our relationship, I'm unhappy in our relationship but I don't want her to be unhappy.

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Re: Sexually Confined

If you want an opinion break up .

you both are suffering and none of you are happy.

if you think about this i think you two will better without each other.

talk about her and ask her opinion about this situation. maybe you will come out with other solution. but talk to her about this.