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I [F/29] have a guy [44] in my life that’s been like a big brother to me for the past five years.

He’s married, but his wife lives in another country. This guy is funny, hard working, sweet, a great cook, fun to be around, and has lived an amazingly adventurous life doing good things all over the world (he’s a doctor).

He’s not what I’d call sexy, he’s good looking, but he’s just so cute and his personality makes him almost irresistible.

His wife is kind of a bitch to him (I’ve heard her on the phone, and she and I have texted each other since she knows we are friends, and she’s mean about him) and even when he travels back home, she treats him like crap.

This is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. He really is like a big brother to me. But lately I’ve started to think of him as more than a friend/big brother. I wanna have him fuck my brains out. I wanna ride him until he fills my sweet little pussy.

We work out together, and I see how he looks at me in my tights and sports bra. We hang out on the weekends since there’s not much to do where we live, and he’s even slept on my couch before.

I’ve started dressing slutty around him when he’s over, and he’s started taking me as his “friend” to some of the events he gets invited to, and he’s started dressing with a little more flair to these, even what I’d call sexy. (We work overseas in a small place doing international health and development work.)

Oh, I don’t give a shit that he’s married. I want this guy in me. And I want him to divorce his bitch wife who doesn’t get him, won’t have sex with him, and treats him like crap, so he can be with me.

Help me!

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