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Shall I die?

I always have fights with my family members... People around me always make fun of me... My new class teacher thinks that I am a Brat and play tricks... I am some what ashamed of myself... I don't have anyone with whom I could share all my feelings truly... I am also afraid of being Judged... I am Bisexual but I like guys more... I am bringing disgrace to my family... I am of no good...

I really don't wanna live... But I am scared of dying as well... Please help🙏🏻

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Re: Shall I die?

Hey just think about the future. one you could build for yourself where no one would think you are brat, a place which full of people who truly love rather than the toxic people you have around you. think of all the dreams you have like achieving something or meeting someone special. if you quit now and commit suicide you won't be able to see the other end which could've been the most beautiful place/moment you've ever been. So don't quit now give it some time, things will around and i tell you it truly is worth it.


I felt the same months ago like I should die and got scared lolz, my family is all broken, got a step mom and a step sibling but I like to live in my own bubble and ignoring all the stuff that's happening. The future gives me hope though, I wanna get a job and save up enough so I can travel and try adventurous sports and enjoy my life to fullest rather than be suicidal and in I hope to meet someone special too

Life has many stages and times that seem never ending at the time. You can feel trapped and like everything is against you. This is perfectly normal to have these feelings, you are not alone, so many people feel this way at times. But time does go on and things will change. Look to the future and think about where you could go, there are so many possibilities to explore. Toxic people can really bring you down but You’ll find new people who support you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.