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shall I put an end to our lives?

Hi I am a bisexual lady from an Arab country where being bisexual or lesbian is a sin...I have two little kids and I have been unable and unwilling to say openly, that I am bisexual and that I am more attracted to females rather than males, for safety reasons.. after having a nice experience and a training related to my field of work in US. I decided to be the founder of the first LGBTQ organization in my country without revealing my sexual identity.

unfortunately, once you start the procedure to have the authorization for an organization, responsibles start their investigations which makes people have an idea about my support to the LGBTQ community and they follow my steps to identify my sexual identity.

since then I am living the worst nightmare, I can be killed my kids can be kidnapped. I thought of suicide...and many other things.

I thought of travelling to US then seeking asylum, this way I will leave everything in my country ...my job my career then I will have to start a new life in an other country at the age of 38. I can not take this big decision easily, although it is safer for me and my kids.

can you guide me please.. especially those who had the same experience

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Re: shall I put an end to our lives?

I usually won’t speak I’ll of other faiths. Your Faith was copied from mine. Are very similar. We have flaws too. Same God.

Jesus is the path. Peace Love. Not war & hate. Even here Christians like me fight with preachers over gays.

Your bi because God made you that way. Men try to lie & say it’s a sin. It’s not. But your culture is hateful. In my country I once whipped a Muslims butt for harassing women & gays here. That’s the difference. We do have real men here who will smack down the kind of punks who run your culture.

But it’s no perfect world here either. No such place exists.

At least in the west you won’t be killed for being gay. People like me fight for people like you in our courts. My kids will be soldiers. They have stood up for gays. We are not perfect. Far from it. But we are the best the world has.

If they are onto you then flee. From what I’ve seen they will kill you. They will re-program your kids. But I’m not in your culture. I have a sweet Muslim relative. Some Muslim nations are better than others. So you know your situation best.

God Bless