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Im ashamed so ashamed i have bumbed out in every way possible in life ive no justification for my actions other than ignorance of things my lack of education is my own fault no one else's but mine i did not think i would make it to the age i am i honestly thought that i would have died way before now but here i am still alive still making a mess of things screwing up my life ans everyone around me im totally useless i dont drive i cant walk and ive never had a job in my entire life. Im useless and a waste of space.

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Re: Shame


  1. breathe
  2. drink a glass of water
  3. phone call someone who is close to you and talk for at least a minute!! it helps
  4. breathe
  5. have a quick shower.
  6. have a meal
  7. sleep
  8. now with a calm mind think about the things you are grateful for.

Don't look down on yourself, you've survived till here, you can not give up!

You're stronger than you think!!

If life is tough, so are You!

Just do the next right thing.