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Shameful story

I suffered from a traumatic event in where a girl blamed me for a situation that didn’t exactly happen how she said it did. It almost ruined my career, but through a lucky stroke of...luck I managed to keep my career. I was going through a rough patch in life and I wanted attention. I’m a male above the age of 18 and I was flirting with girls that were underage. I feel so disgusted looking back. I never had sexual encounters with them, but constant flirting and talking with them. I don’t know what it was at the time. I knew it was bad, but i kept doing it. I didn’t stop until I sent one girl (it was just two different girls, both freshman in high school) a dick pic( I asked if she wanted one and she agreed) it was at this moment I realized I fucked up. Why did I do that? What have I been doing this whole time? It’s disgusting and I’m disgusted with my former self a year ago. I was 20 at the time when all this happened. Idk I had to get it off my chest bc the anxiety and shame was killing me. I know it was wrong and I haven’t indulged in anything like that since, but looking back I regret everything I did bc it still eats me alive.