She destroyed me

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Couple years ago i checked my wifes phone and found picks she had send to some one. Confronted her and she said it was another lady and that it was just a discussion on under wear and it was nothing. I did not believe her but she promised it was nothing and I gave her the benefit of the doubt. A year later i found emails she and another man was sending each other. I was shocked by what I read. It became obvious that it was never another lady friend and that it was not over as she said. I confronted her and she to this day swear that it was never physical and only a cyber affair.

Some how i just cant believe that 2 pepoel would send these types of pics have these types of conversation and never.....not once act on it. Why would you have sexual conversations with some one over such a long time and not once even try to act on i stupid to think that obvious i am still the fool that is being played and miss lead......

It is driving me crazy.....i just cant believe that nothing happened and that they did not act on all these conversations.

I just wish she would trust me with the truth....this thing is killing me inside and all she is worried about is protecting herself.

Is there any one out there that could share their I crazy or is there any chance i might be wrong in my thinking

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