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I’m really stressed and anxious atm I’m Note sure why it could be the pho Sora in my snap memories of my ex from before it ended horribly. It could be the leftover feeling fat and unholy from Christmas. It could be not having any alone time since this lockdown started being constantly bombarded with family members who’s schedule of work away for 3 mints and come back for a week has been smashed to pieces. I hated those weeks it was probably built up resentment to the parent that raised me almost a bonding me with my other parent who’d recently stopped working nights but who I feel I missed a big bonding thine with. I’ve never felt related to her always just this kid that she has that she’s got to look after now like wow great. Then the guy who raised me suddenly disappeared to work far away and I was alone. That relationship broke too and now I barely know my parents and they barely know me. I am isolated from them, in a family that have known me al of my life yet barely know me and me the same with them. I feel on my own. I lost my support structure when I left secondary school and lockdown 1,2&3 have stopped my from properly developing a new one. It’s weird relying on myself because I’m a fucking mess