Shit I could just be a lesbian

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Lol okay so I'm young and I've only had relations with girls and like I liked them. My first legit kiss was with a girl, I used to make out with girls when I was like really young, and I was attracted to women, like literal adult women when I was like 8 and getting into porn. Like thats why I got into porn was because I saw a lady on an ad taking her clothes off and I was like "👁👄👁". My first time was with a girl but she forced me after that so I don't really know. But I've had a lot of relationships with girls. In real life. While I haven't done anything with any guys. Like in 2nd grade a kid kissed me, it was wet, I don't know I was young lol. I'm dating a guy, hes online. I think that I'm into him, I love him, but I've never like done anything with a guy so like what if I'm not actually sexually into men? I mean I think I want to have sex with him, but what if when we meet, we get to that point and I just realize that I don't want it? Like I said, I'm young, I have time, but you know, if we last, thats going to be a huge kick in the nuts for him if I just realize that I'm not into men. I don't know, I'm probably stressing too much.