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Shitty human

Life has sucked so much lately. I think about dying way too much. I’m constantly feeling alone and stupid. I’m a mother of 2. I have a husband. It’s been almost 4 years since he’s cheated on me. I lay awake most nights thinking of how much he hates me. Even though he says he doesn’t. I’ve gained tons of weight. I’m not who I once was. A couple of nights ago he got mad at me for being needy and stormed off. Dented up the car a bit. He just got it fixed TODAY. I went to the store today with my son. He’s a handful. Well, I hit a car on my way out of the parking lot. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW. but I know I hit them. At first I didn’t even know. I drove off and then parked again a few spaces down because my son took his seatbelt off, and that’s when I saw.

I did it.

I feel terrible.

ive been driving for 9 years and this is my first time doing something like this. Their bumper was so damaged. My car wasn’t half as bad.


I stayed and cried and panicked. I wanted to see them so badly so I could go talk to them. But I left.

i don’t work. I don’t have any income. I just paid for my groceries through SNAP AND WIC. My husband just fixed the car and I did this. I panicked.

I can’t sleep. I feel terrible for what I did. Being afraid shouldn’t have excused my actions. I don’t know what to do. I’m so worthless and I’m just so sorry for being a shitty human.

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Re: Shitty human

than its time to take a new turn, the saying leave the past in the past is true,

change your life little by little each day , workout everyday , keep everything organised , love yourself more for all yu have gone through

ofcourse its would be a slow process , but quitting it wont speed it up

so think if the person you can be , ill be rooting for you !

You are not a shitty human, I don't rally feel qualified to reply because I'm not an adult, if you think about it, we are all shitty, we have all lied, some of us may have stolen something, no matter how bad we think people are, like murderers, none of us are good people, not mother Theresa, not Bob Ross, we are all guilty, but we shouldn't feel shame, because we are forgiven. God loves us all, if you apologise to him, he will forgive you, if you give your life to him, you will never die.