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Shitty indian society

Being indian girl is shittiest thing in the world....yes lower middle class is worst for girl...society will eat u up if u are a young adult..as indian society prefer arranged marriages over love marriages it looks good on the outside but its ugly inside..upper middle class or above live better life and better got choices..so basically an arranged marriage is a survey of finding a better womb to produce spawns in exchange for good for nothing reputation...here in INDIA girl marries off with dowry worth lifetime of her parents fortune which will never be hers only to bear a SON mind it son coz india has is male dominating society and to take orders of there laws like paying maid n yes to raise Son and entertain husband too..arranged marriages look for girls with age 24 and lower it find girls with a age 25 n above too old means if you are older in above category you will die alone...if u r in relationship that's different...dating is mostly prohibited.. So if a girl is single n 25 she is doomed and if a girl is in relationship with any age she is doomed too..it is a story of middle class..most of the indian families are middle class..it a different story for upper classes..n big cities people but 80% for families has some story.. I am 23 n I have seen things since 18...its a good thing that I got open-minded family and forced marriage is no no..but I have seen many families forcing there girls to get married at certain age..its quite disgusting..I find arranged marriage disgusting but I find find muslim marriage most disgusting why coz they have freedom to marry thrice Oh sorry Male can marry thrice like he can legally fuck 3 women n have countless children..I feel bad for women who have to share husband it really makes me barf..