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OK FOR CONTEXT - me and this boy had a thing going on and i really like him when covid-19 started so suddenly school stopped and i had no way to contact him well school started today and its been six months i tried to talk to him and he look at me weirdly and said hey then walked off six months of not talking and all he had to say was hey i felt like he was ignoring me i tried so hard to get in contact with so i can see if can talk but i could not find any contact from him. could this be a bad sign of i should give up or should i keep trying.

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I’m a dude. I can’t tell you how many fell in love with me. Maybe 200? Not counting one night stands. The ones who go gaga. It seems he’s moved on. Of course he could have lost a job & be stressed. Who knows.

If you really like him politely keep trying. But realize men are not as emotional. My wife never got that. She’d cry & ask why I wasn’t crying. I’ve been shot at. Hung out of military copters. Killed a gator. Rode a bucking bronco. I don’t cry overly easy. Let’s say you are hunting & realize a mountain lion is now hunting you; & your 10. Crying is not the answer. We are biologically different. God made us to hunt & fight. We are not naturally nurturers & nesters. Does that make sense?

After a couple of months if he’s still distance then move on. I thought a woman loved me once. I actually started having feelings for her. Turns out she was dating an older engineer. She was trying to use me to get pregnant so she could say he was the dad (no DNA then). I felt so stupid.