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should i cut it?

we decided to take a break 3 months ago but then we decided to just break up a few days b4 sch started, and ever since school started we rarely talk to each other, side note, we're classmates and both the class presidents so we HAD to engage w each other. the first few weeks of sch was dreadful and awkward but we started talking to each other again since last week and i was strangely(? is tht a word? HAHAAH) happy. all the time when we talk i was all "hehe ok :)) <3 :))" but then few days later his friend told me tht he said he "dodged a bullet" by breaking up w me. ouch. i was just starting to move on and gain confidence, and here i am :) feeling hurt all over again, + his friend said hes already had a crush at one of my friend :'). so tht brings to what i want to talk abt. today i was determined to cut my hair and forget all abt him (even though tht would help much since we're classmates) plus ive been wanting to cut n curl it after but then i realised his crush cut her hair a month ago....but with straight hair of course. but tht doesnt help the feeling tht maybe im copying her. should i do it?

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Re: should i cut it?

Yes girl! U should cut it! Go with your gut don't let the fact that other people will think you're copying the other person. If you really feel like cutting your hair will help you then do it. I'm all about confidence and I just want you to feel comfortable and you'll only feel comfortable if you follow what your heart/gut wants. Also on the subject of cutting you need to cut off them toxic people in your life, they'll only hold you back so forget about them and go on with your life without them cuz you deserve to