should I kiss someone just to fit in?

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I'm a 17 years old girl and never kissed someone before.

I have friends that are younger than me and already kissed and did "other things".

When they asked me about this kind of thing and I said I never kissed someone they started looking down on me and treating me with pity.

A lot of guys have asked me to hook up with them but I always declined.

I don't feel comfortable getting so close to someone yet + I'm VERY shy.

At first I thought I was just waiting for someone special and that my first kiss should be with someone I really like but I never found someone I love.

I tried dating some guys, but ended up breaking up with them after they tried to kiss me.

Love at first sight is difficult so I was trying to fall in love with someone after starting to date them but it didn't work.

I dont really feel like dating/kissing people rn -I'm just not interested in this kind of thing- but I HATE to have people feeling sorry for me for something so stupid.

Kissing is all my friends talk about so I feel like I don't belong there.

At this point I just think I should go to some party and hook up with a lot of strangers even if I don't feel like it so that I would have to deal with pity looks.

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