Should i leave my husband?

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So, I've been married for almost 20 years to a man i love very much. We have a smart, funny and wonderful 15 year old boy who is definitely the best of both of us. But here's the deal. My husband and i haven't had sex in years because he has erectile dysfunction and doesn't want to get help for it. He expresses no interest in being intimate with me at all. Just doesn't seem to bother him. I think it's part physical because he has high blood pressure and high cholesterol and just does not take care of himself. He's also a deeply depressed but man, he always has been, but he lost his job because of the pandemic and not even looking for a new one. He says things like he's pretty much ready to give up on life. But I'm not! And he doesn't want to get help!

Here's the rub, I've met a man who i flirted with for fun at first, but it turns out that we really like each other. This new man doesn't want to "hook up" , i know because i suggested it! He said a hook up would be short lived, and he wants so much more from me. He is single, never been married, and very succesful and said he'll wait for me to see if my husband and i can fix our marriage, or dissolve it.

I'm not happy married to a man who is giving up on life. And God help me, i really like the new guy and the possibility of a happy and secure future.

What should i do?

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