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I am a single girl. And I'm very cheerful and like to playfully flirt with my male friends whom I feel safe with. But there is a friend who is already committed for more than 5 years. We flirt too. But the connection we have is different. And we are very close emotionally. Once we got close physically too. It felt nice but it felt wrong after the first time. So we decided not to do that again. But after few months. We started again. And we stopped again. I started to feel the weight of my actions. And it showed on my face and my body too. No one else knoew about us. It felt really nice to be with him. But once in a while a started to burst out with him that this is wrong. And it should stop. But after a long fight. It never ended. I have a school friend. We both liked eachother alot. And because of the lockdown and all this feelings I had. I started talking to him. And we started to have feelings . At this point he also knows about my relationship with the person. But the boy I'm physically involved with doesn't want to tell his partner about us. I don't want this to go any further. So I ended it again. Should I ask him to tell his partner to have a peace of mind. I really feel bad for the girl sometimes because she is constantly getting cheated on and has no idea about it. Should I leave them alone and move on from this entire thing? I love the guy I'm physically involved with and he loves me too. But I don't have a future with him because of caste difference. He has the future with his partner because they are of the same caste. I have a future somewhere else. And my parents are gonna find me a great guy. Should I be the one to break some innocent girl's heart. The weight of this thing is killing me

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