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Should I murder him

Laying In bed so many thing going through my mind In my heart I feel anger I feel pain I feel betrayed The man I love abused my heart my body my soul I wanna murder him I wanna cut him while he lay next to me another half of me wanna set him and this bed on fire 🔥 the only stopping me is my kids is the fact I love my freedom what little it is lord something gotta someone save hear my cry because my eye won’t allow tears to come down my face because am in so much rage

by Vera j

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Re: Should I murder him

ummmmm yeah i think u should hand yourself into the police or maybe a psychiatric ward ????? ur thoughts are not okay and normal. seriously ur brain is like wack. how can u think about murdering your husband. theres other ways you can get yourself away from him like a DIVORCE or simply leave. if u kill him ur kids will never forgive you. you lose ur husband, then you'll lose ur children too. is that what you want ? to rot in prison and miss out on ur kids lives ??????

Hey is not my kids father I been putting up with him beating on me he done rape me twice I called the cops so many time and they always let him back out thanks to the new law where I live he done threatened to people close to me have my kids taken from if I leave him so yes my mind not right am depressed and just wanna why out my thoughts are my thoughts and am free to have these thoughts because I am a victim with no way out so I use my mind as my way out sorry if I seem crazy out my mind to u but ya not living in this hell am in

then why didnt u state that first? now ur playing the victim and adding more to the story because i said something. if thats true, that you are being abused im incredibly sorry u are going through that, i do not wish that upon anyone. do u have family u can stay with? why does he keep getting let out? has he tried stopping u from leaving him?

and yeah i guess u can have these thoughts but why post them on this site that u want to murder someone... this isnt a place to share your diabolic thoughts. if u need help or support then we can help you. us, the people on here are not the right people u should be asking if u can kill someone

I come on here to vent to let all my thoughts out to let all my pain turn into word if u would have seen all the others I wrote u would of knew am a victim who just trying speak her pain i have no family but my kids I live in a state where it’s just me this site is to help me clear my mind so I can deal with this toxic marriage am in no one can help me but god I reach out for help to many times to the point I just now deal with it