Should I talk it out or not?

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Okay! so, I met this new group lo people, all of us meeting each other for the first time. We all got along well in the beginning but then slowly as days pass by, I sensed this thing where in I felt like few of them are talking behind my back and are judging me on something that I don't know. I gave more of a kiddo vibe, so they all treat me like a kid and I have no problem with that. But I am capable of doing everything on my own which they don't know or wouldn't believe. Which brought them to saying things to me like "Can you do that? lol", " you are a kid. you can't do that". Every time they say things like that I wanted to say out loud that I can but I never did. Lack of confidence? or don't really know why I was like that.

As time passed by this new thing has started where in they all collectively think that I like this guy among us who already has a girlfriend. I acted the same way around him just like I used to act around the others but I dont know where things went wrong. And I can't clear things cause' all of this is never spoken out by anyone. It just goes around in the background. I thought I will just ignore all of them. And I did.

Then later, I couldn't stop thinking about how they addressed me as "Dangerous" while also not being able to stop thinking about how nice they were to me. Yes, they kinda protected me sometimes. They wouldn't let others look at me lowly and would speak up for me. But the same people would call me names,

I never really knew if I should cut them all off. So, I slightly ignored them. And now I feel like fixing this all. I'm not sure if they'll listen to what I have to say, without calling it cheesy or dramatic. I'm afraid that they'll say that I'm being an overthinker. But I want to stop this and live in peace. What do you think I should do?

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