Should I tell bf or not it was years ago..

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Just don’t know what to do here’s a little back story.. Got with my bf in August 2016 then in December 2016 we had a fight and split for three months in that time I found out I was pregnant. I genuinely though I was on my own if back then I could fast forward to March 2017 when we got back together an have been since. Anyway in the time of the split I didn’t want to be a single mum so I kept it to myself an went an got an abortion Jan 2017 I know that’s a sensitive topic for some but believe me it wasn’t an easy decision an it certainly wasn’t an easy procedure especially to go through on your own. So did that and then we rekindled in March 2017 still had no regrets was the right decision for me at that time I truly believe that.

Now though my bf is talking about having children (I do want children) an all of a sudden just feel bad an debating if I should tell him or maybe I’ve waited to long an it’ll be better kept my secret maybe hmm I’m just confused if I should tell said bf or not. Like I’ve said I don’t regret as back then I wasn’t to know we’d have a long lasting relationship an I didn’t want to do it alone.

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