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I want to talk to people. I swear i try so so so hard. People say that the shyness is going to pass. But honestly when im with a lot of people i just want to hide in my room and lock the door, and never come out again. Sometimes i dont eat because of it, i dont know if its bieng shy or social anxiety, even with my own family. Even on a phonecall im relived when its over. Its like i get passed every week barley survivng.

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Re: Shyness

Oh 😲 wow...

I'm shy too but not the extent of being shy with my own family. There mist be a history why you're feeling that way. Something or someone must have triggered that shy button.

You just got to step a foot forward. don't think and just do it....

Call me. Let's talk and maybe, just maybe, it'll help.

Hello, I am like you. I have social anxiety for five years and the problem is that we are here in Saudi Arabia. Family meetings and many occasions and not attending them causes me problems with my father and mother. I’m too tired of shyness. I want to be like those who speak fluently. I cannot form friendships here if I am not a social person. This is very difficult in my country, especially in my city in which I live. It is famous for many social events. My brothers hate me very much because I am not social. I am alone at home. All I do is share my concerns with people and I want to tell you that you are not alone. Do not be sad. A day will come and we will be happy because we have become social If you want to talk to me, this is my Twitter account @ْXkhaled__sa, so I prefer talking with people who have social phobia like me, and if I mistakenly express it, it is because I am still learning English with good luck. I wish you a happy day (: