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I feel like my sibling always tries to undermine my intelligence and experiences when she feels like it. She can be nice at times, but mostly she can be quite rude and makes me feel awful. She used to tease me a lot about my weight as a child and now flat out denies it or insists that it's my fault if I still feel bad about it. Whenever I'm stressed or have problems, she tries to turn the attention to her own problems and doesn't try to help me with mine. I'm concerned whether she actually cares about me or if its just her way of always having someone who will talk to her and let her complain or belittle them. In essence, she's not very nice to me, and I wish it didn't make me feel bad but it does.

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Re: Siblings

Hey! Siblings are tough business. They could be your best, most trustworthy friend, but also your worst, most hated enemy. However, you need to understand that she is your blood, your family, and whatever happens, you have a special place in her heart. Sometimes, you can't see that, and it's normal for you to think that she doesn't care about you if she just goes on about her problems and never asks yours, but have you considered the possibility that she doesn't understand you are trying to talk too? Maybe she is just so worried about her problems, that forgets you have problems too. Anyways, if she actually talks to you, means she trusts and loves you, even if she doesn't always show it. In my opinion, you should go talk to her about how you feel, and she will start listening more. I guarantee it.