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Sick and tired

Y’all. I am so sick and tired of these people around here. I have never met more lazy, HELPLESS people in my entire life. Somebody needs to get me out of here before I lose my shit. I’m so sick of it! They’re too lazy to go buy a $15 part to fix what they have, so they come knocking on my door to use my shit. Seriously??? Your shit has been broken for over a month now AND THEY STILL HAVE NOT FIXED IT. WTF! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! Side note, these people have MOOOOOORE than enough money. They piss $15. I know this probably sounds stupid and pathetic to some people, but y’all don’t know the whole story. Thank God my family isn’t like these people (my in laws). I just want to get away. But I can’t because my husband and I have debts to pay before we can leave this hell hole. I ain’t ever been more depressed in my life than I am right now, and I’ve been depressed before. I’m just so sick of everything. I’m over it.