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Silent struggles.

I recently started thinking about my life and all that’s happened to me, jogged by watching Iyanla: fix my life. It’s triggered a lot of buried emotions and I think about who I can turn to and let these feelings out with. I’ve become a rock for so many and there’s no rock for me. People I felt I could talk to judge me subtly and because I’m so observant (a product of being so alone) I notice. I tried therapy and I didn’t like it, guess I haven’t found the right therapist to connect with. I’m just tired of burying this hurt and being lonely with all these feelings inside of me.

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Re: Silent struggles.

Oh yeah, Iyanla knows all the right buttons to push, triggers to "implement" break through the toughest of male egos..LOL.. Caught myself needing to "go to my room " a few times..LOL. Well Girl, your here now....If sharing has helped thus far,Id bees willing to listen s'more? Allow somma that buried hurt to surface. Bet you'll feel somewhat better?