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Simple Independent American Confusion in our system.

If y'all forgot!!! What are the kids in cages doing for 4th of July? Now their are many arguments about this situation from wrong to right to right to wrong but if you do not have the brain power to see how these families are affected and the damage this does to the kids including the fact that someones child in America just disappeared... Not singular neither, children disappeared. The fact that most y'all can look past this situation of your own and just see the law which I'm speaking of involved in these heinous actions frightens me and shows me what people really are, and quite disappoints me in ways you can't imagine. Happy 4th of July people. Hope y'all keep your eyes wide open to what is going on in time and the saddest yet most important fact of all is that it's in our country. What it can bring to the table for our future is a quite terrifying thought , with Knowledge and literal common fucking sense anybody can see what a traumatic time the people of our neighbored country are going through, then imagine hearing how great America is then boom possibly the only reason you bettered yourself, your child is stripped from you without any knowledge of where your little jar of happiness is and if you'll ever get to see their face again , the reason you aimed for a better life. Now gone just never seen again literally torn out of your hands possibly forever by the people you were wishing and praying would be your possible saving grace. Then deported not knowing if there even is the slightest chance in hell you'll get to lay your eyes on your child, your peace, your little ray of sunshine in the dark. Now the common sense... What you may have just created destroying emotions and hearts? I think we all know the possible outcomes of these types of situations. Created hate and it spreads like a wildfire. Creating empty minds and souls liable to hurt anyone and even the ones who actually cared because the government didn't take a chance on a person because a test. But hey there is perks and flaws to it all. Freedom is our motto happy independence day and let's fix those flaws ours ancestor can't seem to shake. God bless.