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single and not ready to mingle

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I'm 15. I have never been in a relationship. But I would like to be.

I am currently rather confused and I want to be in a relationship but they scare me- sounds a like a lot of commitment to me??

These are who i currently like (idk I'm indecisive)

  • boy 1 (had a crush on him for 2+years now, used to sit next to each other in maths, he's gorgeous, funny, cute smile, tall, but I'm pretty sure he's linking this girl and she scares me- she's very bitchy and i know just how fake she can be) Also he's recently blocked/unadded me on everything so am a little puzzled as to why...

  • girl 1 - not this one is a little unrealistic as I barely talked to her, she went to my hockey but I have been thinking abt her a lot. I'm not sure if shes (gæ)/(bî) tho and hockey seasons over so I'm not gonna see her till sept next year, only have her insta and idk how to sliiide into someone's dms?

  • Boy 2 - AHHH i mean I'm slowly starting to like him a lot, sit next to him literally every subject - so he's smart - but idk kinda gave me an ick to begin with, He's actually gorgoues tho now that i realise but i get the impression he's a lil fruity tho and idk if he's ac secretly into men?

  • Girl 2 - Yh oops i think i fell for my bestf. she asks to draw on my hand all the time and we hug a lot. also shes hot, funny ughhhh omg what am i doing with my life

  • boy 3 - yeah so i flirt with this dude a lot and he's so funny - flirt/roast ratio is on point, sit next to each other and i love it.hes got a gf tho and also watched him go thru like 4 girls in our year just this year and soo umm idk i don't want a fboy. yh kinda just seems like a player tbh. I LOVE TALKINT TO HIM THO. very cute but umm kinda doesn't gaf abt school/his future and that is not attractive

  • boy 4- omg this guy is hot, gets my bus and in maths/sience w me . kinda cute but idk a lil fruity, talk quite a bit and makes me laugh a lot