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Single Mom issues needs help or advice

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I've been single Mom for 6 years.been haven't sex in 3 years. So sad just masturbating. I have two kids. I love my kids, but lately, I've discovered something about myself that I don't like...I'm attracted to teenage

. I don't know when it began. With some friends of kids been eye on me., I've always been most attracted to younboys. Dressing up in home like a slut wearing a lot sexy clothes around house, sometimes just walking around with my undies or yoga pants.. and sexy makeup on I prefer them to have highschool and usually, the hairier winee they are...the better. I've also been watching more porn lately, but I've always seen porn as something physical - something I can deal with, fantasize about, but it's not the end of the world. Just recently, though...I met a boy that is more than just a physical attraction. There's an emotional connection there that I don't think either of us can deny. He is out and has no problem admitting he's attracted to me. And the more I think about sharing my life with him, spending time with him, not just from a sexual standpoint, but heads on each other's chest type-of-deals...I find myself longing for that....and...I don't know what to do. I feel like I may be happier in that situation, but I'm stuck where I am right now because I have kids.

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