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Sins of the Father

Sometimes I just stay awake late at night and drink so I don't end up killing myself. I found out 5 years ago my father (who died at age 63 when I was 21) was a sexual predator. He sexually approached/molested/had sex with boys ages 15-18 during his 30+ year career as a high school teacher. I don't know if he was gay, or bi, or a sexual molestor/predator, or some combo of the above. I'll never know. He tried to have sex with my best friend when we were 15. I try to atone for this every damn day---but I can't. And it's killing me, slowly but surely. If anyone can point me to any resources for this: thank you.

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Re: Sins of the Father

Um, did I miss something here?

Did you molest anyone?

If the answer is no, then you need to let it go.

You aren't your father.

I'm sorry that your father tried to molest your friend. That must make that friendship awkward.

Anyhow, your father was a molester. You have nothing to be sorry for.